New USAW Weigh-In Procedure 2

Attention!  USAW has issued a new meet Weigh-in procedure.  The new rule will be implemented at the MN High School State Championships.  The new rule requires any athlete under the age of 18 (17 &under)  at the time of weighing-in for competition MUST weigh-in wearing a singlet.  This is not optional.  Athletes that are 18 at the time of weigh-in may wear a singlet as an option.  In either case, no allowance is given for the weight of the singlet, athletes must make weight.  There will be no discussion of this rule at the State Meet as it is a USAW rule.  Please respect the implementation and know the rule.  Thank you for your understanding.  More information can be found here:

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2 thoughts on “New USAW Weigh-In Procedure

    • Chris Rousemiller

      The change comes directly from USAW and was effective March, 1 for all meets. I can only conjecture that it is a reactive measure to protect both the athlete and the organization during a closed session weigh-in. When a minor athlete is being asked to present themselves in a weigh-in and be subjected to a request to remove clothing items it places them at risk from predatory behavior. I assume the rule is being made mandatory, instead of optional, to ensure consistent enforcement. I encourage you to contact Phil Andrews at USAW for additional clarification.