2012 LWC meeting

Feb 4, Eastview Rec Center



Members signed in. Meeting called to order by Roger Sadecki.

Handouts distributed by Roger Sadecki. (records, last years minutes, etc).

2011 minutes included in handout, also on website. Discussed 2011 MN cup, records,  opened for questions, comments, etc, motion to approve by Brian Derwin. Passed.


Treasurer Report by   R. Sadecki - similar format as past years. Duane Hanson is treasurer, but unavailable lately - don't know why…. Have fair amount of money in account in spite of large award distribution for athletes. Lots of rebate money, due to high school lifter members.  Motion to approve by Scott Safe, 2nd by Phil Markert. passed.


MN Cup. 2011 Winners are;  Men - Adam Rozmenoski -1st, David Motoyoshi - 2nd. Women; Jamia Jackson - 1st, Katalin Treumann - 2nd.  $200 award for 1st place, $100 for 2nd. Award is furnished by J. Drewes. 

2011 winners will be awarded during 2012, must participate in and record a total in a National level meet. (National Sr's, National jar's, National Collegiate, American Open.)

Records: Mistakes etc, please contact Roger S.


Hall Of Fame presented by Phil Markert; Summary:  Dawn Forester inducted in as an athlete. She was a multiple state champ, Masters, State & National records, Competed in Senior National's . Numerous high level competitions.

Scott Sali as a Noteworthy Contributor. Coached successful state lifters, 100 or more, many competed at the National level. (recommended by HoF committee. ) Motion to approve by B. Derwin, 2nd  - Don Witt.

Complete biography will be presented at Awards Banquet.


Membership Report by John Drewes: 22 members present, registered lifters 304, some expired as of dec 20 2011; always in flux.


Elections: every 2 years. MN LWC officers; 3 athlete reps., President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary.

Nominated; President - R Sadecki - self nominated, Vice-President - J. Drewes is stepping down - nominated;  Adam Rozmenoskin & Dan Foerster. Show of hands for VP:  13 for Dan F., 7 for Adam R., Dan Foerster elected.

Secretary; nominated - N Nelson. Unopposed - N. Nelson remains Recording Secretary.

Treasurer, Nominated Kate Henry, Don Witt,  Vote by show of hands; for 10 Kate henry, for 10 Don wit. motion by BPDerwin to vote again flip coin if another tie passed.

2nd vote Don W - 10 .  10 for Kate H. coin toss by Gary Blazek - Don W. called heads - it is tails, Kate Henry is treasurer.

Athlete Representatives: (3) Nominated; David Motoyoshi, Adam Rozmonoski, Jared Youmans, Robert Gerdes, Eddie Hodges.  Voted on 1 sheet of paper, put only 3 names on paper.

Elected: David Motoyoshi - 19, Adam Rozmonoski -18, Jared Youmans - 10.


 Roger S. discussed event schedule while Athlete Rep. votes counted. Schedule, qualifying totals, & entry are in web site. Will tweak Star of North for more medals (ex. Masters - to increase participation). B. Derwin mentioned TC Open in Burnsville, appx same time as usual. LWC Chmps,  March 31 at Eastview Rec Center . Dan Forester mentioned interest in small contest in Mcgregor, endorsed by town, annual event small outdoor meet,,,

AR votes revealed,,,,(see above).


Roger S. opened the meeting up for questions & comments.  Scott Safe spoke of entry surcharge on High School meets for 501c3 to purchase equipment for High School contests. ($2). 501c3 will enable unit to receive donations. Speciffically need barbell sets & lights.

Roger S discussed that LWC members should help at HS meets, as HS numbers bring money into LWC. Audrey Derwin mentioned the reverse is also true, HS lifters & coaches could attend / help at LWC events. Discussed ideas to increase participation.


New Business: Motion by B Derwin, handed out paper document; Second by Kate Henry, "All Incentive/Reward/Travel money issued by the MN LWC shall be awarded to the individual athlete regardless of club affiliation." 

Discussion ensued,  Motion made to vote by Neil Nelson, more discussion ensues,, in favor - 8. opposed - 13, motion failed.


Motion to adjourn by Roger S.,  2nd by Don Witt.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Neil Nelson - Recording Secretary.